handmade holidays: matching aprons (made by me) and a new doll (made by someone else)

Meet Clare, Fiona's new friend. Isn't she gorgeous? Fiona is crazy about her. Clare was the big gift to Fiona from me and Sheldon this Christmas. She was made in Peru as part of the Q'ewar Project. aMuse Toys has started carrying these beautiful handmade dolls, so we were able to support handmade and local at the same time with this purchase. Don't you love that?!

I made matching aprons for Fiona and Clare (that also match Grammie's!). Fiona hates hers. I considered sneaking it on her while she was sleeping to get pictures for the blog, but decided against it. That would just be wrong, right? So, here's a boring picture of them laying on the floor...

I think Clare likes her new home, despite having to wear the horrible apron. She's been spending much of her time gabbing to Grammie on Fiona's cell (made by Amber!).

And attending dinner parties in her honor. Though I noticed the dinner party didn't go so well for the mouse. We can thank Elijah, I think, for that morbid detail!

Oh, and did you notice? Pictures are BIGGER now!